How to pick a vacuum cleaner

October 21, 2022

How to buy a good vacuum cleaner?

1, the suction is strong enough! The suction unit is represented by the vacuum degree. The greater the vacuum, the greater the suction. It is usually denoted by pa. Home 27Kpa up and down is better. Too low suction is not enough. Too much is wasteful. Hand-held type is generally up to 16Kpa. Go to the shopping mall to buy the best to find a spot suction column suction bowling vacuum demonstration more intuitive.

2, put an end to secondary pollution! The dust inhaled is not effectively filtered clean, causing secondary pollution is a big invisible killer of vacuum cleaners! (a) look at the filter material of the vacuum cleaner exhaust air. * Sponge: the worst filter. * Activated carbon filter: can increase the adsorption of dust, but the hole is larger filter general. * Baijie cloth: texture is more rigorous, is a relatively economical material, performance is better than the first 2 kinds. *HEPA filtration: that is, high precision filter with strong adsorption force, is the best filter material at present. * Compound paper dust bag: double layer filtration can effectively improve the dust filtration rate, the disadvantage is too high cost. Advantages easy to use dust can be thrown away without cleaning. (2) look at the air purification and sterilization technology. Electrostatic dust capture, HEPA dust purification, activated carbon adsorption, photocatalyst (need sunlight to renewable), cold catalyst (natural regeneration) recommended! Catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde.

3, more suction nozzle equipped! See if the equipped suction nozzle is suitable for your cleaning needs. Of course, the more fully equipped for the more occasions.

4. Other details! . Whether the shell material is strong and durable. Preferred stainless steel (disadvantage higher price)* recommended ABS engineering plastics wear resistance impact not easy aging.To verify that the material can open the dust collection bin cover, whether it is marked with the word "ABS". Fake and inferior except! (Whether there is dust full monitor)(whether there is rubber roller, to prevent scratching the floor). (whether it can be controlled by continuously variable speed). (whether the body has anti-collision strip design, protect your furniture) dust bags to see whether the quality of dust bags is good. Non-woven materials are recommended. * Now the latest vacuum cleaner technology is dust-free bag design, through the principle of aerodynamics, the dust inhaled into the dust collection bucket through the strong centrifugal force will dust in the dust collection bucket, to achieve the complete separation of dust and gas, effectively solve the problem of secondary pollution. The efficiency is 25% higher than the ordinary vacuum cleaner! Highly RECOMMENDED!! (also known as Dragon Whirlwind, or dust throwing technology)

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