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Kind of vacuum cleaner

2022-06-14 09:31:11

According to the appearance of the different common types of vacuum cleaners including horizontal, vertical, barrel, handheld, pusher and so on.

Horizontal Vacuum Cleaner is a more common type of dust into the cartridge cleaners and vacuum cleaner dust bag. General appearance is very compact, easy to store.

Upright vacuum cleaner comparison, is more suitable for large area carpet cleaning.

Handheld vacuum cleaner Compact size, portable and easy to use, but less power, suction is not strong, not suitable for large area cleaning, mainly used for cleaning the car, cleaning the keyboard or electronics cleaning.

Barrel cleaner somewhat commercial, large capacity, can absorb water, mostly for hotels, office buildings, etc. use.

Pusher-type vacuum cleaner is slowly increased in recent years, mostly for battery, size is relatively small, very convenient to use.