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How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

2022-06-14 09:31:21

Vacuum cleaner selection

Vacuum cleaner types are more likely to buy a little more difficult when you first pick. At the time of purchase, the type of vacuum cleaner dust suction, anti-clogging, easy cleanliness, dust separation technology.

It will introduce a few simple vacuum cleaner to identify performance indicators.

1. The suction height

To have a good vacuum cleaner suction is strong enough, the greater the greater the degree of vacuum suction, but domestic manufacturers accustomed to using the suction power to represent the size, the greater the power but not the cleaner the better, a lot of high-power vacuum noise is also great.

2. continuous suction

Since dust can clog air duct, general conventional vacuum cleaner suction increases with time gradually decreased, to clean up the dust bag frequently to ensure adequate suction. The good you do not need frequent cleaning vacuum cleaner dust bag can maintain a high adhesive force.

3. Will secondary pollution

In fact, nearly all vacuum cleaners can not reach 100% of the adsorption effect of various dust, exhaust air will contain some particles of dust or bacteria. But the good HEPA vacuum cleaner by adding filters, activated carbon filters, photocatalyst, and other functions, so that the exhaust air to achieve higher quality, to avoid secondary pollution.

4. Is easy to clean

Well-designed vacuum cleaner should be easy to clean, and the various components can be easily cleaned.

5. The level of noise

Too much noise emitted portion cleaner at work, in the selection should pay attention to check the noise problem.

6. The dust removal function is comprehensive

Cleaner having a good thorough cleaning function, in addition to the common ground brush, crevice brush, also equipped with a precious clean surfaces (such as TV screen), curtains, sofa, except the head mites and other uses, can do a multi-purpose.